he making of this indie film was inspired by and conceived from the customary practices of Marinduqueños during the Lenten Season.  Also, the fact that there had been no single film produced for and by the province in order to promote if not discover or entirely preserve its authentic cultures.  The title “Tawak” is taken from the name of a locally-made anti-venom (esp. snakebites) concoction.

Marinduque – an island province famous for its Moriones Festival is abounding with culture reflected in the practices and rituals which were handed from generation to generation. Some of these include “pagtatawak”, “pagpapanata”, “pagkakabalwa”, “pagpapasyon”, others.

The immense and enigmatic devotion of people who had been observing the practices and rituals during holy week remains to be the captivating element of the culture of Marinduque.

Aside from the spiritual culture, there are also indigenous cultures that are in the nature of music and dance and are being practiced at any given time of the year. The most popular is “putong”.

Highlighting the culture of the province are the preserved values of Marinduqueños in welcoming and receiving visitors, its dialect, its scenic views, and the increasing tourism-related industries like butterfly culture and production, arts crafts, others.

The film “Tawak” captures well-defined events set in the celebration of the Lenten season. The twist of the film brings to light the other side of the ardent and sacred rituals in order to serve and keep fidelity to faith and religion and in pursuit of holiness and sanctity. What lies beneath the mask – good or evil? What lies beneath the black cloth of kabalwa – purity or sin? What lies beneath the words of pasyon – consecration or pretense?

What is the devil doing while men are chasing holiness? How do they persuade men to doing unholy things? Would one find evil in the midst of a divine quest? Or would one find purity and holiness in the heart of sins?

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The film “Tawak” is a story of Mang Biano, who is popular for being a “Magtatawak” – a traditional doctor or known to Filipinos as “quack doctor” who makes a concoction of anti-venom for snakebites. But one snake came into their life that strike them with venom which he has no cure. He is Marko, his best friend who raped his wife.


Your best friend betrayed the sanctity of your marriage, and you hold the only antidote that can now save his life… The choice you make can alter the path of your life, and the spirit of your homeland. From this conflict, a deadly question emerges: what is the devil doing while men are chasing holiness?


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Presented below are the photos and profiles of the fortunate individuals who have earned their roles through a meticulous casting call process, overseen by both myself and my esteemed casting director. Let's raise a toast to these chosen ones! Congratulations to all!

Your best friend betrayed the sanctity of your marriage, and now you hold the only antidote that can save his life…
Our goals give us a path through life. When we stray from them, we are ensnared in temptation, we are forced to choose between right and wrong at a time when we are most vulnerable and weak.

In a way, we are all tethered to our circumstances, our pasts, our identities, but if we are able to hold ourselves accountable for our actions, if we are able to move through life deliberately, perhaps those tethers can be torn, perhaps that path can remain intact.

My film, Tawak, will explore this teetering balance, embodied in the lives of four characters whose paths fatefully intersect. Their individual challenges converge, temptation ruptures forth and the very core of who they are is called into question.

The central conflict is between a local healer and his best friend. This friendship, and in many ways humanity itself, is betrayed when this friend does the unthinkable to the healer’s wife.

Tawak is a dramatic film that tells the story of the good and evil in men, and how one traumatic experience between husband and wife can transform into a devastating world of gossip and hurtful judgements. It is a story of secret desire, temptation, and the relentless search for holiness.
Ultimately, my hope is that the audience will feel and understand that there are many sides to a story, and that any one of us could be thrust into a similar situation that would challenge us to our core.

The film captures well-defined events set in the celebration of the Lenten season. We are eyeing to capture the Moriones festival of Marinduque, Philippines, the senakulo tradition, putong and many more. 

Marinduque – an island province famous for its Moriones Festival – is abounding with culture reflected in the practices and rituals which were handed down from generation to generation. Some of these include “pagtatawak”, “pagpapanata”, “pagkakabalwa”, “pagpapasyon”, and others. 

The immense and enigmatic devotion of people who have been observing the practices and rituals during holy week remains to be the captivating element of the culture of Marinduque. 

Setting the film in this dynamic and culturally-rich atmosphere will at once honor the traditions of my people while also calling into question their deeply held beliefs, revealing the dangers of throwing oneself blindly into the spiritual. 

Aside from the spiritual culture, there are also indigenous cultures reflected in their music and dance traditions, which are practiced at any given time of the year. The most popular is “putong,” which exemplifies the Marinduqueños preserved values through welcoming and receiving visitors. 

The audience, in turn, will become visitors welcomed into this world, while being presented with difficult questions about relying too heavily on our basic human assumptions. Through this unique cultural lens, my heritage will be introduced to a wider audience while grappling with universal questions that infuse every culture and every community.

We are aiming to provide a “big budget” aesthetic in the vein of successful Hollywood films, while also drawing on themes and emotional conflicts similar to projects like Squid Game, where characters are only in it for themselves and gossip is rampant. 

Whereas in Squid Game, the characters use violence against one another, in Tawak, the villagers’ use their words. This penchant for gossip and rumor threatens to destroy the community in a wildfire of false accusations and hurtful assumptions. 

In terms of visual style, Anaya’s cultural and historical background will be presented in the vein of National Geographic, where the audience is educated about real-life traditions and behaviors while simultaneously becoming immersed in the dramatic plot development.

The U.S. shoot will occur at the world-famous Times Square, New York City, and its surrounding neighborhoods, something that a small-budget film can accomplish with the utmost pride. The look of the film will resemble high-budget production at a fraction of the cost. Production value will be enhanced by way of expert editing and effective sound, in addition to the look & performances of the talented actors mentioned above. 

We intend to end this film with a certain suspense while leaving few unanswered questions. This balance will keep the audience gripped by the concepts presented in the film and wanting more, thereby building up another storyline that will imply a sequel. Whereas in Squid Game, the characters scheme deadly plots against one another, in Tawak, the villagers’ penchant for gossip and rumor threatens to destroy the community. 

We intend to provide a blend of resolution for the audience, with a sense of lingering uncertainty. We envision an ending that portrays Anaya to write her “award-winning” story, and bringing a possible cure for her grandmother who is suffering from incurable sickness. 

This project is an independent film project. I will do everything in my power to tell this story at a nominal budget. Most of the expenses have already been used in the U.S. I have spent $50,000.00 since I first began working on this project, in the last 12 months and more. Since this project is primarily conceptualized in the U.S., all expenses incurred here will be in U.S. currency, although they are very modest compared to the high costs of filmmaking in the Philippines. 

Hiring professionals is extremely expensive in the U.S., but I have the great fortune of many professional friends here in this business. As it is my very special project, they have been very generous and have accepted the very basic remuneration for the tremendous input of work. Therefore, I am able to keep my costs at rock-bottom while working with top-tier talent. 

I have continuously spent towards the pre-production costs, made many advance payments to some team members, and putting in the long hours of work that go along with a film project. The film project will require a minimum of $8,000.000.00 (8 million US dollars). These figures may appear steep at the outset, but are actually quite low for a US-based film, considering that the majority of the film will be shot in the Philippines. It is also worth noting that labor costs and professional fees in the US are extremely high, which further explains the requested budget amount.

The proposed budget amount will include pre-production costs, production costs, with a few sponsorships from local businesses in the Philippines, post-production costs and some marketing and publicity. In addition, a budget for a proper publicity campaign will need to be carved out to maximize outreach and return on investment through distribution and submission to various film festivals in the US and overseas. 

My contributions to this project are as both the primary creative force and investor. I need an investor and/or partner that will bring similar and equal contribution to take this further at fair profit-sharing terms. As per US standards, this is considered a very low-budget film with a very modest investment that has the potential to make a significant impact if it is executed properly. 

We are looking forward to a long-term & fruitful partnership, as well as the opportunity to tell a unique story that will invariably capture the minds and hearts of audiences globally. Thank you for your consideration of this proposal, and we look forward to the future as this project unfolds!

I believe that I am uniquely qualified to create this film. As a Marinduque native, I am very familiar with the people and culture of the area. I have solid, personal relationships with very influential people in Marinduque which will be very strategic in accomplishing this project.

I‘ve been working in the TV & Film industry for many years, perfecting my cinematic skills in the U.S. and abroad, and fostering many new relationships in my professional circles. To tell a story that at once honors and challenges my heritage, while introducing a wider audience to the beauty and complexity of the Philippines, is one that I believe will make a significant impact on audiences from all walks of life. 

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At our core, we believe that fashion and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. That’s why we exist to create a world where you can have both without compromise.

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Clang Rose Film Festival

Founder Carmelo Soberano envisioned a groundbreaking festival to honor the extraordinary talents of wedding filmmakers and their contributions to the world of cinema. The Clang Rose Film Festival is the embodiment of Carmelo’s unwavering dedication, a global platform that celebrates and connects filmmakers, inspiring audiences worldwide. With curated workshops, discussions, and networking opportunities, Carmelo fosters growth and pushes the boundaries of the craft. By championing wedding filmmakers, Carmelo has transformed the wedding industry, making the festival a beacon of inspiration and recognition. Join this historic moment to honor love stories through exceptional filmmaking and be part of Carmelo’s visionary journey.

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Saturday January 27, 2024 05:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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The Chateau Grande Hotel

670 Cranbury RoadEast Brunswick, New Jersey 08816United States

Awards & Prizes

We are thrilled to announce that the Clang Rose Film Festival will be offering a range of awards and prizes to recognize the outstanding talent and creativity of our participants. From the grand prize of Best Film to the awards for Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, and Best Performance, our festival is dedicated to celebrating the best of the best in filmmaking.

For our wedding category, we also have awards for Best Wedding Film, Best Wedding Cinematography, Best Wedding Editing, and Best Wedding Sound Design.All winners will receive a coveted trophy and certificate of recognition, and some categories will offer additional prizes and opportunities. We are committed to supporting and promoting the careers of our filmmakers, and we look forward to seeing the exceptional films that will be showcased at the Clang Rose Film Festival.

Categories & Fees

This category showcases films that tell inspiring stories of personal triumph, resilience, and perseverance. It can include documentaries or narrative features that celebrate the human spirit and inspire audiences to overcome challenges and obstacles.

This category feature films that highlight the power of positivity in creating social change. It can include documentaries that explore movements, community initiatives, or individuals who are creating positive change in their communities or society.

This category showcases films that focus on environmental sustainability, highlighting the positive actions people are taking to protect and preserve the planet.

This category feature films that inspire and promote personal growth and self-improvement. It can include documentaries or narrative features that encourage audiences to develop a positive mindset, cultivate self-awareness, and pursue personal goals.

This category feature films that use humor to inspire positivity and spread joy. It can include comedies that celebrate the power of laughter to heal, connect, and uplift.

This category is open to filmmakers who have created films that capture the beauty, emotion, and love of weddings. Whether it’s a short film documenting a couple’s special day, a music video celebrating a wedding proposal, or a heartfelt tribute to a couple’s love story, we welcome all types of films that celebrate the joy of weddings. Entries can be in any language, as long as English subtitles are provided if the original language is not English. The films should adhere to the festival’s theme of “The Positivity Revolution” and promote positivity and happy vibes. Filmmakers submitting to this category must ensure that they have the necessary rights to exhibit the film and that all music and other copyrighted material used in the film has been properly cleared. The festival reserves the right to use clips, images, and other promotional material from submitted films for festival-related promotions, including but not limited to trailers, posters, and social media.

This category can showcase music videos that inspire and uplift audiences, featuring songs with positive messages and themes. It can include music videos that celebrate the human spirit, promote social change, or highlight environmental sustainability. Music has the power to move and motivate people, and this category is designed to showcase music videos that inspire positive change and encourage audiences to embrace a more positive outlook on life.

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