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Director and cinematographer based in New Jersey. Born and raised in the Philippines, my dream of journeying to Hollywood to create dynamic worlds through film is one that has never left me. From a young age, I was captivated by the beauty, intricacy and transformative power that expertly crafted films contain, and thus dedicated myself to the study of what I still consider to be a noble and truth-telling artform.

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At a remote resort that caters to the extreme often brutal sexual fantasies of wealthy clients; life is cheap ‘sex is expensive and anything is possible for the right price. The patrons of this resort are about to encounter something far more brutal than anything they could possibly imagine. Young women; and possibly young men are being held in a brothel/resort against their will. They are subjected to sexual exploitation, torture, and sexual perversions often resulting in death. A new set of women are brought to the brothel. Hidden among the new women is a deadly humanoid in the form of a beautiful albino that has been sent to assassinate the proprietor of the resort. She is no hero; just a brutally efficient killer.

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CliQ International made a groundbreaking debut in the fashion world by pioneering virtual fashion in New York. They introduced “The Runway Cinema 2021” as the name of their highly anticipated fashion event, which quickly gained popularity and acclaim within the industry. The centerpiece of the event was the mesmerizing presentation titled “JOURNEY OF THE LOCKED HEART,” a captivating visual storytelling experience that took the audience on a magical voyage through time and space, accentuated by exquisite clothing designs.

The film was premiered in a private mansion on April 18, 2021, in its Director’s Cut version. This special edition incorporated cleverly crafted additional scenarios that enhanced the overall allure and aesthetic appeal of the film, making it even more captivating and beautiful.

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